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ASSOCAMERESTERO is the association of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad, established to evaluate and develop the Chambers activities, through increasing the level of interest and awareness on the network and its features among Italian and International institutions and business organizations.

The Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad (CCIE) are associations of Italian and local entrepreneurs and professionals, recognized by the Italian Government in consistence with law no. 518 of July 1st, 1970. The CCIE are established and developed basically in countries with a considerable Italian presence. Today there are 72 Chambers in 47 countries with 139 points of presence and over 23.000 member companies : 70% of them are local firms interested in different forms of mutual exchange with Italy.

The Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad carry out a wide range of activities to facilitate the access of Italian companies to the respective markets and promote the establishment of business relations, through an ongoing information and communication action, a constant monitoring of the sector trends, as well as the publication of user friendlycountry profiles.

Association of The Italian Chambers of Commerce Overseas
Via Flaminia, 21, 00196 Roma
Tel : 00396 3215660
Fax : 00396 3210253
E-mail : assocamerestero@italchambers.net
Website : www.assocamerestero.com